Why Not #7 – Taking The Daily Test October 30, 2015

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go!!!!!!!

Welcome to Halloween Eve!! We’ve got our Callagy Law Halloween Parade and Costume Contest today. Every year this is a big time highlight, and everyone in the office votes on the best costume. I always get a bit challenged by what to wear, but I think I’ve got something that will work for this year.

How about you? Dressing up? If you have children, are you ready for the Halloween parade and/or some trick or treating?

My last parade for my kids was last year. I miss it already! If you still have it, cherish it. It goes like “smoke through a key hole”. I never missed one. I loved them all. Now, it’s a new chapter in life.

So, Happy Halloween and enjoy!

As for today, let’s reinforce, very simply and clearly, “why” the “Why Not Huddle” is an indispensable part of our day.

When I was 28, I started my own law firm. I had no money. I started my firm on my credit card. My son was on the way. I was scared to death and stressed out of my mind every day. I wanted to quit literally every day!

Not only was I facing the stress of owning my own business and having to figure out a way to generate clients, make money and manage the business side of the firm, I also had to practice law just two years out of law school. I must have been out of my mind to quit my great job at a prestigious firm and do this! Well, sort of, but not really!!!!! I felt such of sense of being alone. I felt that I had no support and that I had nowhere to turn for the support I needed.

What support did I need? Hmmmmmm…… Well, after spending hundreds of days on an emotional roller coaster during that first year, reading hundreds of books, going to coaching school and building 4 successful businesses, I know precisely what I needed: a way to ground myself for being “At Cause”.

As we discussed yesterday, being “At Cause” means we are internally directing our thoughts, feelings and actions, which create our daily results, and destiny.

Where I was in my first year of owning my own law firm was greatly “At Affect”. This means, as opposed to being “At Cause” and internally controlling myself, the external world was dictating the vast majority of my thoughts, feelings and actions, leading to different results and a far inferior destiny to what I desired in my heart and soul.

This led me to reading many books, listening to tape programs, attending seminars and hiring coaches. All of this was terrific. However, none of it taught me the concept of being at cause, and none of it grounded me into that way of thinking on a daily basis.

I felt so alone. I had huge goals. I was going for it. Yet, every day I was all over the map with the quality of my thoughts, feelings and actions. When something good happened, I was feeling like King Kong. When something bad happened, I felt like a lost little boy who was being exposed as a pretender. I would vacillate through these feelings by the hour.

I was very hungry though. I had big dreams. As a result, I learned a lot of techniques that are so valuable that kept me in a far higher level of self-management WHEN I REMEMBERED to use them. AND, sometimes I didn’t use them just because I didn’t feel like it!

Is that nuts? Yes it is!!!! We are all emotional creatures that do ridiculous things to screw ourselves up all the time. I was no different.

Thankfully, I figured out ways to remain what I now call at cause at a very unique level most of the time. Thus, I produced some remarkable results building a 40 person law firm in two years. By the way, I’ve never heard of any other attorney ever doing that by his or her 30th birthday.

So, it is with that back drop that I give you my gift, the Why Not Huddles. These huddles are to give people something that everyone who wants more needs: daily knowledge, reinforcement, conditioning and FUN.

I am unaware of anything like this existing for free anywhere online. If something does, I have a high degree of certainty that our process here will be the most complete for helping you produce the goals and results of your dreams.

Again, I only ask that you keep sharing it. We’ve added 700 Facebook Likes this week, to take us over 10,000. Our goal by next Friday is to add 2,000 more folks. Please help us get there.

Also, you can subscribe on YOUTUBE to the Why Not Videos.  Please e-mail me any questions at scallagy@callagylaw.com. Be here everyday. We’re are creating. A movement here to help support people in the creation of their goals and dreams in a real and powerful way. Be a part of it and please help us by tuning in daily and spreading the word!!

Happy Halloween, don’t egg any houses tonight and check out an old classic: Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein with the actors who gave us our first horror movies rolling with the comedy legends. Have an awesome Friday and Weekend!

In Your Service,

Sean Callagy


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