Hundreds Rally Monthly Transforming NJ Businesses

Callagy Business Mastery Club Provides Local Businesspeople with Effective Strategies for Growth

Paramus, New Jersey

Sean R. Callagy of Callagy Law is not only an accomplished attorney with his 120 person law firm in Paramus, NJ, but is also a well respected motivational speaker and business coach. In order to share his wealth of knowledge to the masses, he has developed a once a month, “Callagy Business Mastery Club,” (CBMC) which is a free event for business owners and their team members.

“This is an event for anyone that wants more out of their business; more time, more money, or more fulfillment,” Sean R. Callagy said when asked what the goals of CBMC are. “It’s takes people from where they are to where they want to be at a higher level in any of those 3 areas,” Callagy added.

Since “super storm” Sandy back in 2012, countless businesses throughout the State of New Jersey have suffered. According to the this survey, more than half of NJ Business owners polled seemed less than optimistic about the economic performance of the state just about 2 years ago. Some businesses are still feeling the effects of the storm, and many owners are still dealing with the economic blows of rebuilding businesses again. According to’s poll of small business owners throughout the U.S., “Owners’ optimism about their businesses continues to rise slowly…although it remains well below where it was prior to the 2008 recession.”

So how do we improve owner optimism and re-energize business owners? Sean Callagy, president of the New Jersey law firm, Callagy Law, has rallied with hundreds of business owners to restore motivation and optimism through a business mastery program, Callagy Business Mastery Club. For the past 17 years, Callagy has been studying principals of peak performance which allowed him to create a proven business formula which helped him create the 120 person law firm he built from the ground up that he runs out of Paramus, New Jersey and now Phoenix, Arizona. Callagy built his first successful law firm when he was just in his 20’s, by studying proven principles of business success. All methods he teaches (free of charge) in his Business Mastery Club sessions. Callagy shares knowledge to attendees about what to do specifically to accelerate their business in the most efficient way possible absolutely free of charge for the participants.

Many notable names in the business community frequent these events, including a diverse group of guest speakers. Thursday’s guest speaker will be Dr. Ben Burton, who is an accomplished business owner. Dr. Burton has created 12 businesses in a variety of industries. Like Callagy, Dr. Burton is what Callagy calls a “Level 7 Business Owner,” or an owner who can leave their businesses for any length of time, and return back with the business in better shape than when they left.

There are a few important things to remember about Callagy Business Mastery Club. It’s completely free for business owners, business executives, marketing representatives and business development team members. They aren’t selling anything and they even offer free food and refreshments. Most importantly, this is an insane night of learning in one night. If you want to take your business and yourself to the next level, this is an event you must attend.

The next session will be held at the Mack Cali, Building 2 located at 650 From Road, Paramus, NJ on Thursday, October 30th. The session starts at 5pm and lasts until about 9pm. To RSVP click here or call 201-261-1700.

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