Top 3 Elements of Success: The Winning Formula

Top 3 Elements of Success: The Winning Formula

So, what are three elements to determining whether you succeed or not in achieving every outcome you desire for your life?

  1. Adhering to your optimal process (which you learn through effective modeling.)
  2. Optimizing your relevant skill (which for most things is your Communication Skill.)
  3.  The Quality of your Self Management.

No exceptions exist to this success formula.

I distilled this from thinking about the fact that virtually all books on coaching and personal development were not a complete “closed loop” process.

A closed loop process is one that operates continuously without fail, and is self sustaining.

I read books on sales, marketing, communication, leadership, discipline, inspiration, motivation, management and many others.

What I kept coming back to: none of them, if followed, were the entire process.

They all felt like disjointed pieces of a puzzle.

I related it to my sports life. Did I want to do one random exercise routine after another, each day?

No. I wanted something completely consistent that gave me the greatest chance to succeed in my game.

So, I decided after law school, when I really started reading books on business and personal development, I needed to take the massive mess that was the self-help section of the book store, and create that consistent system for myself.

And, that’s just what I did.

We will go into a lot more detail in future blogs.

For today, I just want you to review those three parts of the Success Machine.

You own that machine. It is in your closet.

Through our work here, your results in every area of your life and business can go through the roof.

The final point for today: Integrity is the most important element to the formula.

Integrity with yourself and with others will be the foundational element, crucial to your long term success, peace and happiness.

I say that because it seems as though people often believe that to succeed they need to sacrifice integrity.

The reality is the exact opposite!

As always, none of us, including me are perfect. The more we strive for perfection, and enjoy the journey, the more rewarding, fun and exciting life is.

Have a great day and go get it!

In your service,

Sean Callagy

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Elements of Success: The Winning Formula

  1. Bishop Devon Laird says:

    I found your blog through Google search and thank you for sharing these eye opening thoughts. I preparing for a conference for emerging Christian Church leaders and seek you permission to use quotes form your blog. Thanks.
    Bishop L

  2. Edwin Garza says:

    I must say, that was prefect and well written, Mr.Callagy. In my own search for self improvement, I’ve come across these principles, but this is the first time I’ve seen them so concisely laid out. This blog really helps put things perspective.

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