Your 3 Part Success System

Your 3 Part Success System

WHY Can’t I Get Any Water Out Of These Pipes?

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We had a great day yesterday with our friends from AFLAC.

What a terrific group of people. Their leaders, Mike and Rey, have great energy and a wonderful system of supporting their team.

I have done hundreds of workshops and speaking engagements. The AFLAC teams’ focus, desire and energy to absorb and implement the information we covered was really unique and special.

It motivated and inspired me to check myself and make sure I’m on my A game.


WHY Can’t I Get Any Water Out Of These Pipes?

Now, what we spoke about with the AFLAC team, and where we left off here, is that there is a formula or a system for producing any result you want in your life.

It is like a computer system, a cake recipe or plumbing system. If it’s not working, it doesn’t mean that the result is impossible.

Rather, it means something went wrong in the system or recipe.

If you turn on your siself nk and water doesn’t come out, do you then believe that the idea of plumbing doesn’t work?

If you buy a Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix and the cake comes out bad do you believe Duncan Hines’ cake batter and recipe don’t work?

Of course you don’t!

So, let’s not believe that about the results we want in our life.


So what is the three part Success System?

1. Self-Management

2. Educational System

3. Specific Result Process

If you do not have any result you want in your life the reason is found under one of those three parts of the Success System.

Each of those three areas has very specific sub-parts.

We are going to share all of it with you.

Let’s run through 2 quick examples to show you how this works. One in a business context and one in a personal context.


I’ve coached hundreds of people one on one in business. Virtually every person I coached wanted to develop more business.

Most of them, because people tend not to take action until they are in great pain, felt very CERTAIN that there was no way they could get more because they had tried EVERYTHING.

I would be so happy inside because I knew the results they wanted were right there for them.

So, I would begin to walk through the Success System to DIAGNOSE the places that they were breaking down in the system, just like the computer, plumbing or cake recipe examples we discussed above.

They would doubt this would work. Then, without even needing to go deep into the system, the initial problems would explode out of their mouths.

I would ask: do you have written financial goals in terms of money you will make

Numbers of new clients you want, numbers of new client meetings you need per week and specific action steps to get those appointments?

The answer was “NO” 99% of the time.

This hard working, well meaning, good willed person who so desperately wanted their results was hoping a delicious cake would pop out of the oven when she hadn’t even bought the cake mix yet!

AND, there are so many deeper levels to the Success System that this person shouldn’t be discouraged, they should be excited and totally fired up because there was so much room for easy, certain and rapid improvement!

Specifically, the woman in the example above had threshold level breakdowns in the Self-Manage and Process sections of the Success Formula.


Now take someone who desires to find the love of his life. He goes out and from a process perspective has an incredible system of meeting people and getting to dates. He has followed our training well!

He also does an amazing job of Self Management and is taking massive consistent action within his terrific process.

So, what’s the challenge? If he’s getting 10 dates per week (he’s so good that he has 5 during the week, three on Saturday and 2 on Sunday) why is he never getting a second date?

His problems assuredly lie in the second section: his Educational System is in need of repair.


He is failing to educate these fine women on why he is a terrific person to get to know better.

So, I ask my client: tell me SPECIFICALLY how your last conversation went with a woman you really liked.

He tells me they went to a nice restaurant. He sat down and complimented her on her smile and her appearance.

He then told her how happy he was to be there.

He then asked her if she liked to travel. She said no.

He then asked her if she liked New York City, she said she wasn’t crazy about it.

He then asked her if she wanted dessert, and she said she didn’t eat sweets.

I asked him, why do you think this didn’t go well?

He said, “Bad luck. I just didn’t seem to click with her.”

As Willy Wonka said, WRONG SIR, WRONG!

There is a virtually fool proof rapport building element to the Educational Formula that was completely missing for our dear friend.

Fret not, it is easy to change! Once it changes, like water through the pipes once the pipes are reconnected, it all works!

It drives me insane though that people just don’t listen and don’t believe!

This stuff works!


So, let’s begin at the beginning: Part 1 – Self Management.

This is the most challenging part of the Success System.

One of the most common examples is dieting. People will read a new great diet, which in our language is the third part of the Success System called “Process”.

This diet Process will absolutely work.

Yet, after a month, our friend has gained three pounds!

Did the diet not work?

NO! The person didn’t follow the diet because they had a breakdown at Part 1 of the Success System: Self Management.


Self Management, very simply, is getting ourselves to take the most efficient “zone action” steps to produce our results in the shortest and most optimal amount of time.

This is the biggest area where people see their goals and dreams disappear.

Then, sadly, they believe in a lie: I guess I just can’t have or get that.


A formula exists to get ourselves to manage ourselves and take Zone Action.

The first part of that formula is Self-Awareness.

So you are not lost, we will keep giving you an overall picture of where we are.

Success System:

1. Self-Management

A. Self-Awareness

2. Educational System

3. Process

Here is where we are going with all of this:

1. Self-Management

A. Self-Awareness











2. Educational System









3. Process

I didn’t even put outline markings for all the sub-parts.

My point: this is very, very real. It may not always be easy, but is it easy not to have the results you want?

I think it is much easier to learn and implement a complete Success System that will allow you to figure out why you are not getting what you want and to change things to either get it or clearly understand what it will take to get it and decide whether or not it is REALLY what you want.

Tomorrow, we will pick up with Self Awareness.

We also will be at Fun and Adventure Friday and share an amazing adrenaline pumping place that I hope reopens some day.


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