Never Say Never Weekend

Never Say Never Weekend

Hello out there!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

We are still pending for Modeling Part 3. We will get back to it tomorrow.

Also, hope you enjoyed Fun and Adventure Friday. If you have a place to knock Rackham’s off the top of coolest restaurant in the world, let me know.

For today, it drives me crazy when people band wagon jump and\or give the underdog no chance.

There are three examples of that from this weekend:

These occurred in high school, the NFL and a lawyer ending up in federal prison.

First, the Big North, the premier league in North Jersey high school football, is now rated the toughest high school football league in America by Maxprep, a site dedicated to high school football news, ratings and analysis.

The big dogs for the past decade, from that league, have been the Don Bosco Prep Iron Men.

Most of the league plays a power house schedule, taking on the nations best high school teams from Florida to California to Ohio and wherever else the best is found..

Bosco, this year, lost three games. All three were to teams ranked nationally.

Much of the talk in high school football circles has been that Bosco had lost it with some people saying that they now “stink”.

By the way, I’ve rooted against Bosco most of the past number of years within New Jersey. I tend to root for the under dog.

Going into this wekend, Bosco was a huge underdog, and I was rooting for them big time because, as usual, people were overreaching and exaggerating.

Friday night, Bosco took on Paramus Catholic, who was ranked as high as third in the nation in some polls.

Bosco came in at 2 wins and three losses.

PC also had the number 2 recruit in America, who had transferred out of Bosco, to add a little spice to the equation.

This young man introduced the game on ESPN in, let’s say, a far less than humble manner.

Everyone was expecting a blow out for PC and the final nail in Bosco’s coffin.

Now, why I bring this all up is because it is a simple, everyday example of the lack of depth people go into with their thinking and analysis of what’s happening in the world around them.

It doesn’t matter a ton when it’s about high school football. BUT, it does matter a ton when this thinking impacts people’s decisions and actions, which greatly compromise people reaching their goals and dreams.

Bosco just wasn’t that bad.

Bosco had some injuries and lost to some tremendous teams. Two of the games were very competitive.

So, people merely looked at Bosco’s record and wrote them off.

BUT, there was really no basis for that conclusion.

Going in, PC was awesome, AND Bosco, despite its three losses, was awesome as well.

The result: Bosco 20, PC 13.

Second, my Jets 30, Patriots 27.

At the start of the season, ESPN, along with many self proclaimed experts, predicted that the New York Jets would be the worst team in the NFL this season.

Why? Well, the Jets had some problems on offense, including receiver, running back and quarterback issues.

BUT, I think it was more of a reaction to how over hyped people thought the Jets were in recent years past.

People also were ready to bury Rex Ryan, now seemingly prematurely, because they perceived him as such a loud mouth.

Whether he actually was really as big a loud mouth as his reputation, we will discuss at a later date.

For now, the Jets are one game out of first place at just about the half way mark of the season.

The point: similar to the Bosco situation, those paying attention, were ready to overreact emotionally to predict a very bad outcome without looking at things from a balanced and fully analytical perspective.

With the state of the media today, bold, tabloid predictions sell.

Whether you are right or wrong, the public seems to eat it up,

Even the weather man gets it right more than “sports experts”.

Why do we, as a society, eat up so much misinformation?

That’s a question to ponder for tonight.

In a third situation from the weekend, we have justice being done.

Over three years ago Callagy Law started investigating a case. Our client was defrauded and lost millions.

We appropriately advised law enforcement and filed a civil suit.

When it began, the attorneys for the other side actually laughed at us and told us our case was ridiculous.

They accused us of being completely wrong and that nothing like we said happened had actually happened.

Either they were posturing big time or just weren’t reading the evidence.

Today, three years later, the defendant attorney who was the main target of our investigation plead guilty and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.

The case is far from over. However, for our clients, who have been through so much, it was a very emotional day that restored some of their faith that our justice system can get it right.

It also stands for today’s lesson: always believe and NEVER SAY NEVER.

Your second question to ponder for tonight: where do you limit yourself and your life by saying NEVER?

Whether it’s your career, relationships, money, fun, adventure, health, fitness or whatever, don’t stop yourself and settle for less.

Always bet on you. It is your safest and best bet.

Have a great night!

In your service,

Sean Callagy

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