Pleadings in a Complaint Can Make or Break Your Case

  The sufficiency of pleadings in your complaint can determine whether your case is dismissed on a motion to dismiss or overcomes one.  In a recent Second Circuit decision – Gamma Traders – I LLC v. Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc., No. 21-853 (2d Cir. 2022) – involving allegations of “spoofing” the Court’s decision in affirming […]

Do I Want to Create an LLC or a Corporation?

  Some Important Considerations When Choosing the Type of Business Entity to Form:   LLC An LLC, or limited liability company, is one of the most popular business structures chosen when creating a new business.  One reason for this is actually in the name, limited liability.  This means that LLC owners (called members), are only […]

Choosing the Right Legal Entity for Your Business

Choosing the right legal entity is a crucial step in starting a business.  It’s important to understand that the legal entity you choose can have a significant impact on your business’s tax obligations, liability, ability to raise capital, and ownership structure.  As a business owner, it’s essential to evaluate the different types of legal entities […]

Can a Partner Dissolve a Partnership?

Can a Partner Dissolve a Partnership

“I want out of the business” or “I don’t want to be business partners anymore” are common phrases attorneys hear regularly.  Owning a business can be an exciting venture, but what happens when the business relationship between partners sours? Or, in a better scenario, the business relationship is good but one or both partners wants […]

Determining Child Custody

Determining Child Custody

Do you have questions about determining child custody in your state? Check out this video and call our office for a free consultation. Question: Are there any situations where the grandparents could have custody rights? Answer: Oftentimes we’ll have cases which involve grandparents. The short answer to any of those questions is grandparents don’t have […]