Child Custody Mediation: What to Expect

A mother and father preparing for child custody mediation

Mediation is a common alternative to litigation for divorce cases and post-divorce issues. While many people use mediation to address their financial issues, such as alimony, child support and equitable distribution, they do not think to mediate custody and parenting time issues. In fact, one of the best child custody mediation tips is that the […]

Is Healthcare Underpayment Costing Your Practice?

Healthcare underpayments represented by a claim form and a hundred dollar bill

In an ideal world, medical providers wouldn’t have to worry about becoming collections agents or chasing payment for services rendered. And they would not have to fight for reimbursement for costs and treatments incurred in the course of doing their duty. It is not an ideal world, and the reality is that healthcare underpayments can, […]

What Happens in a Case Management Conference for Divorce?

Two litigants talking in front of a judge during an initial case management conference for divorce

Hopefully your first court appearance will be the initial Case Management Conference for divorce. I say hopefully, because if the initial divorce case management hearing is not your first court appearance, then you have likely had to file an emergent application or filed for a restraining order due to issues of domestic violence or pressing […]

How to Mitigate Healthcare Revenue Declines Due to COVID-19

A provider calculating healthcare revenue declines due to COVID-19

Whether you are treating COVID-19 patients or your practice is shut down, in whole or in part, due to social distancing, it is important that you, the healthcare provider, address head on the revenue impact on your practice and take steps toward maximizing your revenue stream where you can. With the exception of treatment for […]