Why You Need a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

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Why do I need a certified matrimoniallaw attorney?


Why You Needa Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney A lot of times, people will come to us and say, “Listen, I know somebody that’s going through a divorce,” or they have a friend that’s going through a divorce, “What should they be looking for in a divorce attorney or matrimonial law attorney?” We tell them they need to first be looking for somebody that has experience, that has a background in family law and divorce law and that specifically does that. One of the biggest credentials that there is out there is a certified matrimonial law attorney.

We are ceritified matrimonial law attorneys at Callagy Law. This is a designation that less than two percent of the family law attorneys in the state of New Jersey holds. It means that our attorneys underwent a test that is provided by the state of New Jersey with essays and multiple choice covering all areas of family law. It was an excruciating test that we have to have ten or more years of experience; that we’ve had to tried a certain amount of cases to conclusion; that we’ve had to handle all aspects of matrimonial law, from alimony and custody, to parenting time, to equitable distribution, to domestic violence cases; that we’ve had to have speaking engagements where we spoke in front of people about family law related issues; and that we’ve written articles about family law related issues for the New Jersey Law Journal or other publications; and that we’ve had to do all of this over the course of ten or more years to become certified matrimonial law attorneys. It’s a level of experience and expertise in the area that very few attorneys have in the state of New Jersey. It’s a critical aspect when you’re looking for a divorce attorney, that they have that level of experience.

When looking for a divorce attorney, you also need to look for a good fit. You’re looking for somebody that understands your needs, that understands your goals, that has an enormous amount of empathy for what you’re going through. It’s a difficult time. There are several articles that have said going through a divorce is as traumatic as losing a loved one or losing a child. If you put it in that aspect, what these people are going through, it is enormously traumatic and stressful.

With what they go through on a day-to-day basis with themselves, with their children, and with their spouse, they need a divorce attorney who understands that, that understands what you’re going through, and it’s not just, “Well, you own me money, and you need to pay me so I can go to court for you.” With what you are going through, you have to have a tremendous amount of empathy and it has to be a good fit for you with your divorce attorney so that you’re both on the same page, that your divorce attorney knows your goals, and that you feel like your divorce attorney is fighting for those goals.

That’s what you get at Callagy Law. We are caring, urgent, and aggressive. We have a ton of empathy for our clients, understanding their goals and needs and trying to achieve them with them and, at the same time, counseling them – “That’s not a good idea,” “I’m not advising you to do this,” “I think this is going to hurt you if you do this,” – and understanding that what they sometimes need is that attorney that’s going to have the trust to be able to tell them that. That’s really what you’re looking for in a divorce attorney, and I can assure everybody that that’s what you get at Callagy Law.

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