Why Hire a Divorce Attorney?

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Why should I hire a divorce attorney?


I wanted to talk to you today about the importance of hiring a divorce attorney. I had a client come in to speak to me recently. He sat down with his agreement and said, “Brian, I can’t live under this agreement. I’m paying too much alimony. I’m paying too much child support. I’m living in a one-bedroom apartment. I’m not seeing my children enough. My wife got the house. She got half of my assets. She’s taken all of my money.” The first thing I said to him, “Who was your lawyer?” He didn’t have a lawyer. “I didn’t retain a lawyer. I did this by myself. I clearly didn’t understand what I was doing.” Within five more minutes of that conversation, he told me that he had an affair, that his wife caught him with the affair, that his family found out about it, and he just felt so guilty that he signed whatever his wife’s attorney put in front of him. That’s a huge critical mistake.

Why Hire a Divorce Attorney?We talk all the time about people making decisions based on emotion and not logic. If you do that in a divorce case, it could be fatal to your outcomes. Hiring a divorce attorney can give you objective advice and provide you with a number of solutions that you could never think of before. It can help navigate you through the divorce process and the paperwork that is overwhelming in a divorce case and can make sure that the outcome is reasonable and fair for you, so that the other side is not taking advantage of you or your emotions. Call us. Email us. Find us on Facebook. We are certified matrimonial attorneys at Callagy Law with decades of experience. We can help you. We can make sure that you don’t make the wrong decisions based upon emotion.

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