Who Pays The Legal Fees For a Divorce

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Can I require my spouse to pay the legal fees for our divorce?


Who Pays The Legal Fees For a Divorce
Many of our New Jersey divorce clients, especially those who are the supported spouse – the spouse who has earned either no money during the marriage or much less than the other spouse – ask if their spouse will be required or how we can require their spouse to pay their legal fees. It’s a little bit of a complicated question because it has a lot of layers. In many cases, cases are settled and, in that settlement process, we negotiate a counsel fee for our clients. If the case costs $10,000 to resolve, sometimes we’ll say we need $10,000 because we’re either owed that or we’re reimbursing that to the spouse that has less money, maybe even less assets but is in an inferior financial position.

A lot of times, however, people settle their case and they don’t agree on the counsel fee issue. The other side will say, “If I’m agreeing to settle, why would I pay your fees?” A lot of the counsel fees come via court orders. A court will assess a counsel fee application and look at a number of factors – there’s case law and there’s court rules on it – but, in general, the biggest factors are, number one, the good and bad faith positions advanced by the clients, and, number two, the financial ability of each spouse. If you have a spouse who has advanced nothing but good faith positions and has little or no earnings, and the monied spouse, as we say – the higher earning spouse – has advanced all bad faith positions, there’s a real good likelihood that we’ll be able to get a counsel fee in favor of our client.

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