What to Worry About if You’re Getting Divorced

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What should I worry about while going through the divorce process?


Something our clients ask us often is what they should worry about or think about during a divorce. It really breaks into three categories, and we talk about these a lot. These are coaching principles: self-mastery, influence mastery, and process mastery. Let’s talk about self-mastery first. If you’re going to be going through a divorce process, one of the most difficult bridges to cross is this— you’re now in an adversarial process with somebody you were once very close to. That’s a wildly difficult and emotional space. One of the most up-front issues from the beginning is to understand this. Perhaps they’re going to be authentic and honest, and you’re going to be authentic and honest, and you’re both going to get to a very reasonable resolution. We have seen tons of cases be resolved fairly and reasonably, but emotionally, you have to prepare yourself right from step one to think maybe I can’t trust this person, and maybe this person is taping me. Maybe this person is all the sudden acting very differently towards you because they’re trying to entrap you and manipulate the reality of the situation. For you to understand this, that’s a self-mastery concept.

What to Worry About if You're Getting DivorcedIn influence mastery, snapshots are difficult. If I were to film the five or six worst things you’ve ever done or said in your entire life, and I was going to have that be the presentation to a judge in your family law case of who you are, I could potentially present you as super angry, super aggressive, a liar. We all have moments like that in our life— every single person, no matter how good a person you are. So, from an influence mastery perspective, it is the gathering of those snippets of information and how they’re used by the other side and, quite frankly, by your side, that becomes wildly important.

The process mastery component in a divorce relates to all the steps you will take— every step, every interaction you have with your spouse at this point, every letter that’s written, everything that happens in the complaint, how the complaint is filed, everything that happens in written discovery, everything that happens in depositions, and everything along the way is critically important. If it’s done at the most masterful levels, hopefully, and if you’re dealing with a reasonable person on the other side, it is all done without any litigation. It’s done in a few different sessions of reasonable conversation. If it’s not, at least you’re protected and prepared because you thought about, from an emotional context, how to get ready to protect yourself and influence this case to the maximum every step of the way in the process.

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