What Is A Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney

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What is a certified matrimonial law attorney?


What Is A Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney?In New Jersey, each practice area has the ability to become a certified attorney in that area. At Callagy Law, our partners include certified matrimonial law attorneys in New Jersey. That means we’ve been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as matrimonial law attorneys. We needed to go through an extensive application process and testing process to get our certification. In fact, the application was about 65 pages. You had to list a number of judges you’ve appeared before and tried cases before, adversaries that you had cases with and tried cases with, and the Supreme Court committee actually contacted all of those judges and adversaries and asked them questions about us. After the application was processed and granted, we then had to sit for an all-day test. The test was a number of essays, obviously all on matrimonial law issues, and they were graded. If you passed, you then became a certified matrimonial law attorney.

Every five years, we need to recertify ourselves by filling out a new application showing that we are continuing to exclusively practice matrimonial law and that we’ve had the required number of cases and trials. It is an ongoing process. We are definitely held to a higher standard than a general lawyer when it comes to our expertise and our practice area, and it is a pretty exclusive group of attorneys. There are less than 300 certified matrimonial law attorneys in New Jersey. It means that we exclusively practice family law and have done it for a long time.

Our family law department is devoted to family law matters. We believe that any client, especially clients with complicated divorce issues or post-judgment issues should be hiring a certified matrimonial lawyer.

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