What Happens to a Business in The Divorce Process

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What will happen to my business during the divorce process?


What Happens to a Business in The Divorce Process A lot of times when a client comes in to consult about a divorce, they have a business. A business in a divorce process is a complicated matter. A lot of times when you have a business, we are going to have to get a forensic accountant involved to value the business. The forensic accountant is going to come in and perform an evaluation of the business, going through the process of looking at the business, or looking at the records and accounts receivables, and speaking to the business owner and all the employees of the business, and then coming up with an accounting formula and a methodology to say that the business is worth X number of dollars.

We then have to determine what the other spouse’s equitable share of that business is because it’s an equitable distribution. The business has a value, it was acquired during the marriage, and we now have to figure out how we divide up that value between the two spouses. That’s never an easy thing. The business owner certainly is never in a good position to say, “Why should I have to give anything of the value of the business to my spouse? It’s my business that I’ve run throughout the entire marriage.” So, we go through that process of what it’s worth and how we’re going to divide it up. It’s not easy.

It’s a complicated process and it involves experts and time. A business in a divorce is a complex issue. We at Callagy Law are certainly able to handle that, and we handle that on a routine basis. A lot of our clients have businesses and business interests that we are dealing with, that we are valuing and using forensic accountants to help us in that regard. If you have any other questions about your divorce, the divorce process, or your business in divorce, please contact us at Callagy Law. We can help you and walk you through that process.

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