Vulnerable Assets in a Divorce

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Will I lose my vacation home in a divorce?


Vulnerable Assets in a Divorce When clients come to consult with us, a lot of times when we deal with high net worth clients – which we deal with a lot – there will be separate homes: a marital home and as well as a vacation home or a timeshare or some other assets somewhere else. That is treated the same way as any other asset is. If you have a vacation home, a house at the shore, we’re going to value that house. We’re going to see if there’s equity in that house, and then we’re going to have to equitably distribute that house, just as would the marital home or a business or a car. There is no special consideration for a vacation home; it is an asset that was acquired during the marriage that we now have to equitably divide.

Are you going to lose your vacation home? It depends on what your goal is. Do you want to keep the vacation home? If so, we try and find a way for the client to keep the vacation home or we have to offset against other assets. If the client doesn’t really care about the vacation home, then we’re going to figure out a way to make sure that that client’s interest is bought out and they receive their fair share of the value of that vacation home. If neither party wants the vacation home, then it gets sold and the proceeds get divided up via equitable distribution like any other asset.

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