Uncontested Divorce Timeline

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How long does it take to get an uncontested divorce?


Uncontested Divorce Timeline An uncontested divorce in New Jersey can happen really, really quickly. What is an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce is a divorce that has either gone through the default process – which can take several months because you have to go through some requirements to get default entered ,and then send a notice to the spouse about what you’re looking for – or the simplest way an uncontested divorce can go through in New Jersey is if the parties actually agree to all of the issues. Those issues can be a lot of issues or no issues at all. It can be a case where there’s no children, no assets, no alimony; or it can actually be a relatively complex case that the parties have come to the attorneys with their own settlement.

Once a case is settled and we have an agreement signed by both parties, all we have to do is file a complaint for divorce, which only takes a week or two to get back from the court. The other side has to file something and answer or make an appearance, and then we literally call the case manager for the judge that’s handling the case, tell them we have a settled case and to schedule us for an uncontested divorce hearing. That used to happen in person, before the pandemic, but now they’re doing them via telephone and Zoom. The uncontested divorce, i.e. a settled case, can get put through very quickly.

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