The Many Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

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What are the grounds for divorce?


The many grounds for Divorce in New Jersey
There are a lot of grounds for divorce in New Jersey, including things like adultery, extreme cruelty, and even things like deviant sexual behavior, habitual drunkenness, and abandonment. By and large, however, almost all of the divorce cases that are filed now are on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Clients do come into our offices a lot when their husband or wife has been cheating on them and ask about the other grounds, especially adultery and, in some cases, extreme cruelty. For the most part, the courts are more focused on, first, the children and, second, the finances in the matter and not the actual cause of action. After discussing it with our clients, 90% of the time we file on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. There are exceptions.

If there is a marital waste claim that is significant, sometimes we will use the adultery claim because a lot of times that marital waste is spent on that girlfriend or boyfriend of the spouse. In cases where child custody is at issue and there’s actual physical abuse, we may file on the extreme cruelty grounds as well. By and large, 95 to almost maybe even 99% of the time, we file under irreconcilable differences and try to refocus and focus on the issues in the case.

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