Sharing a Home While A Divorce is Pending

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Can we share a home during a pending divorce?


Sharing a Home While A Divorce is Pending If you have a New Jersey divorce case, it is very common that you will be living in the same house as your spouse during the divorce. It is certainly not mandatory. It is certainly, in some cases, okay; and in some cases, it is probably not advisable. If there’s been abuse, of course, the abused spouse should not be living with the abuser. In many cases, it really comes down to money issues. Is there enough money to carry two households during a divorce? Another big factor is whether or not the two spouses actually get along and carry out their day-to-day business, perhaps raise their children in the same house, without harming the children or literally driving each other crazy.

It’s definitely possible. In many cases, it’s unavoidable; and in a lot of cases, it really needs not to happen because of abuse. If you have any questions about your living arrangements during your divorce or your potential divorce, please give us a call here at Callagy Law.

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