New Jersey Refinancing Attorney

New Jersey Refinancing Attorney

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If you are reading this, then you are thinking about refinancing your home. You might be trying to reduce your monthly mortgage payments or maybe you are trying to reduce the length of your mortgage. Mortgages are a huge undertaking and can, in some cases, act as a weight. It’s critical to determine whether refinancing is right for you. If it is, we commend you for taking action and acting in you and your family’s best interest. This is a time of true uncertainty. You might be asking yourself:
  • Am I making the right decision?
  • Will my application be approved?
  • What will be my new monthly mortgage payment?
  • How many years or terms will this cut from my current mortgage if I get a lower rate and keep my payments the same?
  • Do I have to pay any type of fees or closing costs to refinance?
Right now you also might be feeling uncertain on the process and what to expect. The refinancing process typically includes:
  • Refinancing Loan Application
  • Home Appraisal
  • Loan Estimate
  • The Final Loan Signing
Refinancing can be a time full of overwhelm and uncertainty. You need someone to stand by you and advocate for your best interests, not to mention help walk you through this process.

You Need A Protector, A Guardian, A Champion.

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