Keeping an Inheritance After a Divorce

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Will I get to keep my inheritance after my divorce?


Keeping an Inheritance After a Divorce In New Jersey, inherited funds are exempt from equitable distribution. What that means is you get to keep funds that were inherited by you. However, it’s important to know that you need to prove that the funds were inherited. Second, you need to have kept those funds un-commingled – if that makes sense – during the divorce process. If you received inherited funds 20 years ago during your marriage, put them in a joint bank account and used that joint bank account, added to that joint bank account, used it for home improvements and did other things, then those funds would be considered commingled and would no longer be exempt. There are fairness arguments, equity arguments to be made to maybe keep some of that, but to be safe, any inherited funds that you receive during a marriage should be kept in your own name and not commingled, not used for marital purposes. If you pull out a little bit here or there, that’s okay; but I would not commingle them with other funds or obviously put any accounts in joint names.

It’s a fact-sensitive issue. Even when there is some commingling, there can be equity arguments to preserve some of those assets, although a little harder. If you have any questions about inherited funds in your New Jersey divorce case, please contact us. By all means, if they’re in your name, keep them in your name.

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