Financial Benefit of Divorce Mediation

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Can divorce mediation save me money?


Financial Benefit of Divorce Mediation A lot of times when mediation is an option for us in a New Jersey divorce, clients will ask, “Is it really going to cost me less money to go to mediation?” The fact is, you’re paying your attorney and you’re either contributing or paying a hundred percent of the mediator’s fees. The mediators are lawyers, and they’re billing out their hourly rates. They’re usually lawyers with ten or more years’ experience, so you’re getting a very experienced matrimonial law attorney as a mediator, and you’re paying their hourly rate to be a mediator.

A lot of times when clients come to us and say, “Is this really going to be cost-efficient for me, rather than just going to court where I’m not paying a judge? I’m paying my lawyer, but I’m not paying the judge or anyone else to be there, so is a mediation really going to save me money?” The short answer is yes. Almost invariably, it will save you money. Even though you’re paying for your lawyer and a part of the mediator’s fees, the process is more efficient. You’re getting in to see a mediator more often, you can spend four or five hours in a mediation, rather than just getting thirty minutes with a judge ten times over the course of six months, and you can resolve your case in weeks or even days, rather than months or even years through litigation. Yes, you’re paying for mediator’s fees, but, ultimately, in the long run, it is much more efficient and oftentimes, if not all the time, more cost-effective.

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