Equitable Distribution in a Divorce Case

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What is equitable distribution in a divorce case?


Equitable Distribution in a Divorce Case A lot of the times when we have a client that’s consulting for a divorce in New Jersey, they’ll ask about equitable distribution. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. What that means is that all assets and debts are divided equitably in the state of New Jersey. Some of your western states and other states in the country are community property states, where marital assets, to make it less complicated, are divided equally and there’s not really any equitable discretion in that; they’re just divided equally. New Jersey is not that way.

We divide assets and debts that are acquired during the marriage in an equitable fashion. We’re going to look at different factors as to how assets and debts were acquired during the marriage and if one party should get more of an asset than the other party. There are a lot of factors that go into that. That is a long discussion of marital circumstances and specific facts of a marriage, but, generally, equitable distribution means fair distribution, not necessarily 50/50. It’s a fair distribution of assets.

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