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Have you been treated differently based upon the fact that you are either a man or a woman? Most of us have. But, have you been treated differently based upon your sex that has:

  • Caused a decrease in respect, potentially by instigating gender stereotypes and dismissiveness?
  • Prevented the potential for a promotion or training?
  • Impacted your compensation to be less than those of the opposite sex?
  • Made you subject to unwanted sexual advances, or otherwise made you feel physically uncomfortable?

This is without a doubt abhorrent behavior, which is all to common in today’s corporate, and other, workplaces. We commend you for fighting through the prejudice; however, those individuals, and anyone that has protected them, should still be held accountable.


Research indicates that over 40% of working women have faced gender discrimination on the job, to one degree or another. Often, the success rate of advocating for discriminated employees can be low, minimizing the incentive for attorneys to take these cases. However, we are incredibly motivated by JUSTICE, and not simply the bottom line.

With women comprising 54.6% of the workforce, less than 5% of corporate CEO’s are female. Absent discrimination of one kind or another, this discrepancy would be highly unlikely; however, the uphill battle against stereotypes and discrimination leaves these situations unresolved, and the disparity between sexes in the workplace will continue without plaintiffs and attorneys that are willing to fight for true Truth and Justice.

Notably, sex discrimination is NOT only practiced by men against women. There are also instances of female-male, or female-female, or male-male employer vs. subordinate discrimination, which are equally unacceptable and again under-represented in the media, and in the Courtroom.

It is true, though. It does take a strong, unique, principled, and experienced Law Firm to take on and win these types of cases. But Callagy Law is that firm.

In fact, Callagy Law is one of only two law firms in the U.S. to have 2 Top 100 National Jury Verdicts within a 3-year time span, including two eight figure punitive damage awards.

All of that said, we can not ethically say that we are the best, but if you meet with us for a free consultation, we will prove it to you.

There is one pre-condition to our acceptance of your retaining us: you must be the truth-teller, seeking justice and fairness. You cannot be a liar, game-player, or hustler, that is trying to take advantage of our firm to manipulate or cheat any other person, company, or the Court System.

To pursue a discrimination action against an employer, above and beyond anything else, you need a law firm that is:

  • Caring – genuinely empathetic for what you are going through and what you need
  • Urgency – understanding of what is important vs. what is time sensitive, so that we do not lose momentum in building your case.
  • Aggression – courage to pursue truth and justice, keeping truth and your interests primary above ours, the adversary’s and the courts’.

Please call us now to allow us the opportunity to show you who and what we are. Then, you decide for yourself who is the best or top attorneys or you and your business.

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