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Have you been treated differently based upon a non-traditional or transitioning gender identity? While most of us have not, we truly respect your courage in recognizing who you are and allowing us to see you as you were intended to be seen.

Unfortunately, we understand that transgender individuals, pre, post, or in the midst of a transition, are not always viewed equally in their workplace, and may experience undue hardships as a result of discriminatory preferences or treatment.

Discrimination can include terminating a transgender employee after the employer finds out about the employee’s gender identity or planned transition; denying a transgender employee access to workplace restroom facilities available to other employees; requiring a transgender employee to use a restroom not consistent with the employee’s gender identity or presentation; harassing a transgender employee; permitting and/or refusing to investigate claims of harassment by coworkers and supervisors; or any other negative employment action taken because of an employee’s gender identity.

Discrimination based on gender identity is not specifically prohibited under federal law at this time, but there are legislative efforts to pass federal laws to make it explicitly illegal. There is also some case law interpreting sex discrimination laws to encompass gender identity in certain circumstances. Protection from gender identity discrimination is enforced by state or local anti-discrimination agencies in 18 states. In particular, you are entitled to the following courtesies in your workplace:

  • You may use the bathroom designated for the gender you associate with
  • You entitled to a harassment-free workplace, without jokes or comments that make you feel uncomfortable
  • You may follow the dress and appearance associated with the gender identity that you associate with.

Additionally, the EEOC specifically prohibits employers from doing any of the following:

  • Failing to hire an applicant solely based upon his/her gender identity
  • Firing an employee because they are planning and/or have made a gender transition
  • Denying an employee a promotion do to gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Paying transgender employees less than other employees in the same position as a result of their gender identity.
  • Denying transgender employees training opportunities on the basis of their gender identity

In 2015, EEOC received 1,412 charges that included allegations of sex discrimination related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity/transgender status. This was an increase to almost 30% of the the total LGBT charges filed the prior year.

Also in 2015, EEOC resolved a total of 1,135 LGBT charges, providing approximately $3.3 million in monetary relief for workers and achieving changes in employer policies so that discrimination would not recur.

Acceptance and appreciation of your identity are coming; however, until the discriminatory practices of Corporate America catch up with the new norms of our society, please know that we believe you; we do not judge you; we want to fight alongside you for equal rights and to end discrimination against all facets of the LGBT community.

It is true, though. It takes a strong, unique, principled, and experienced attorney to take on and win these types of cases. We are that firm.

In fact, Callagy Law is one of only two law firms in the U.S. to have 2 Top 100 National Jury Verdicts within a 3-year time span, including two eight figure punitive damage awards.

All of that said, we can not ethically proclaim that we are the best law firm or attorney, but if you meet with us, we can prove it to you.

To pursue a discrimination action against an employer, above and beyond anything else, you need a law firm that is:

  • Caring – genuinely empathetic for what you are going through and what you need
  • Urgency – understanding of what is important vs. what is time sensitive, so that we do not lose momentum in building your case.
  • Aggression – courage to pursue truth and justice, keeping truth and your interests primary above ours, the adversary’s and the courts’.

Please call us now to allow us the opportunity to show you who and what we are. Then, you decide for yourself who is the best or top attorneys or you and your business.

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