Dividing Assets

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What happens during the division of assets process?


When I have a client that comes in for a consultation and we start talking about equitable distribution, they want to know how their assets are going to be divided. How are they going to be divided? What’s going to happen to that division of these assets? It’s not an easy question to just give you a general answer. It’s very specific. Everything is fact-specific. We can talk about houses, cars and property, and how we can divide that up. Are we going to have to sell things? Sometimes things have to be sold and we have to get real estate agents involved, and we have to get forensic accountants involved when there’s business and how they’re going to be divided up. It is very fact-specific.

There are questions when we’re talking about dividing assets and how assets are going to be divided up because everything is not equal. Sometimes we’re going to barter off of things. If I have a client that wants to keep the house but they have a business, one party is going to keep the house and we’re going to offset it against the value of the business. There’s a lot of detail that goes into that, and it’s very fact-specific, and it really goes into the client’s desires. Do you want to keep the house? Do you want to keep the business? What do we have to do to keep the house? What other assets do we have to give up so you can keep the house?

Dividing assets is all about client goals, and that’s one of the very first things we talk about. What is your end goal on this? Where do you want to see yourself when this is over? Do you want to see yourself in the house? Let’s find a way to get there. Let’s divide these assets up so we can keep the house or we can keep the business. That’s how we look at things. If you have any other questions about equitable distribution, how we’re going to divide your assets or what the best-case scenario is for you, please call us at Callagy Law. We can certainly help you and walk you through the process.

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