Being Aggressively Reasonable In Your Divorce

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Being Aggressively Reasonable In Your DivorceI routinely preach to my clients that we need to be aggressively reasonable. Reasonableness on both sides, a lot of times, gets results and gets cases done. Sometimes, however, the other side is unreasonable, and might I even say a bully. In those cases, we have to ramp up our aggression. At Callagy Law, throughout our firm, we are caring, urgent, and aggressive. Sometimes we have to be reasonably aggressive, but sometimes we really have to be aggressive.

I recently had a case where the first conversation I had with the attorney, they started yelling, and screaming, and telling me how my client has perpetrated domestic violence, how my client has done all these bad things. It was all just lies. Rather than go to my client and say, “Wait a second, start acting reasonable,” I found out the truth. The truth was way more on my client’s side. At that point, you have to send a message loud a clear that we’re not going to get pushed around. We’re not going to exceed to your unreasonable demands. If anything, you’re going to start listening to us.

You know what? We came back with our flame thrower. They listened to us. They heard us loud and clear. Again, you have to have proof. You have to back up what you say. You certainly have to support your allegations and you have to have good position. When we did that, the case turned around. Within a month or so, the case – the other side all of a sudden became reasonable. I told my client, we are now going to be reasonable, aggressively reasonable. The case settled. My client was happy. We did not have to go to trial, although at all points in this case we were ready to go to trial. The other side knew we were going to trial. Sometimes, you need to be aggressive.

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