Alimony After a Final Divorce

Did you realize that you need alimony after a final divorce? Learn what you need to do in this video, then contact our attorneys today.


What if I don’t ask for alimony during the divorce, but later decide that I need it?


Recently somebody asked, “What happens if I don’t ask for alimony as part of my divorce, but then I realize after the fact that I need it? What happens then?” Unfortunately, if you don’t bring it up as part of your divorce, and then your divorce is finalized, you’re not going to get alimony after the fact.

It’s very important that you have good counsel at the time of your divorce and that you explore all of your options and really think through what your financial circumstances are because these are going to be long-lasting decisions even after your divorce is finalized.

Please contact us if you have any questions or you want to explore any of these options. We’d be happy to talk through them with you.

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