Entitled to Alimony or Spousal Support

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Am I automatically entitled to alimony or spousal support?


A lot of times when support is an issue in a client’s case, particularly alimony, they’ll ask, “Am I automatically entitled to alimony?” The question is obviously fact-sensitive. We can never say that anybody is automatically entitled to alimony. We need to know what the circumstances of your case are. What are the incomes of both parties? What is the lifestyle of both parties? What are the earning abilities of both parties?

Alimony is not automatic. It’s based upon the specific facts of your case. If there’s a large disparity in income and you’ve been married for a long time, then alimony is likely. If their incomes are very close and you haven’t been married for a very long time, then alimony is not likely. It’s very fact-specific.

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