Alimony or Spousal Support For Males

Do you know if there is available alimony or spousal support for males? Watch this video, then call our New Jersey attorneys to learn more.


Can men ask for alimony or spousal support?


A lot of times, clients will come in for a consultation and alimony will be an issue in their case. Many times, men will ask, “Am I entitled to alimony from her?” The answer to that question is always fact-specific. Alimony is gender neutral. It doesn’t mean that a man always pays alimony and a woman always receives alimony. The law is neutral in that regard, and it’s going to be based upon the facts of your case – how much money you earn, how long you’ve been married, the kind of lifestyle you had, and a number of other factors that the court considers – not just whether it’s a man or a woman. If there is a man that is making significantly less money than his wife, and there’s a long-term marriage, then that man certainly has a claim and entitlement to alimony that would have to be considered in that case.

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