3 Workers Compensation Tips

Did you or a loved one get injured on the job and have questions? Read these 3 workers compensation tips, then call our lawyers for help.

1) Choosing The Right Workers’ Compensation Attorney

3 Workers Compensation TipsHow can you choose the right attorney? One of the most important things in workers’ compensation is attention to detail. There are many medical records that you have to go through to figure out the cause and the level of compensation that a client deserves, but even more importantly is that you want someone who is not afraid to go to trial. You want litigators, someone who will be a champion for your cause.

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2) Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Recently, we had a potential client call and ask candidly, “Why is it that I even need a lawyer for a workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey?” The answer to that is you never really need a lawyer in that you can file a pro se petition, that is you can file a petition on your own behalf. However, there are many nuances in the law. For you to have a strong claim, you need a lawyer to build that case for you to make sure that everything is in place before the claim is properly prosecuted, and for that, legal guidance is really key. The best thing to do is approach an experienced attorney to help advocate for you during this time. If we can be of any assistance, feel free to reach us at Callagy Law.

3) Previous Injuries Being Aggravated at Work

A client of ours was recently posed with a challenge. They had some priors, and an injury at work exasperated the injuries from the past. Their question was whether they could still seek compensation and file a workers’ compensation claim. The answer is there is always a right to reopen. If your previous injury was exasperated, then there is a right to reopen. If your previous injury was exasperated because of another accident, the level of compensation you deserve or will be available to you will really depend on the case itself and what level of exasperation you suffered because of the new accident.

Best thing to do is speak to an attorney to get the guidance that you need during this time. If we can be of any help, feel free to reach us here at Callagy Law.

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