How Divorce Affects Your Business

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Will my ex remain a partner in my business after a divorce?


A lot of times when we have a client come into consult who is a business owner, a lot of their questions revolve around how we divide that business up, and not just value, but whether or not the spouse is going to have some kind of ongoing and continuing interest in that business post-divorce. That is by far the exception and not the rule. In fact, in all our years practicing, we have maybe seen one or two divorces where the spouses remained business owners post-divorce. When that situation has occurred, it is only because both parties have agreed to do that. Usually, the standard is that we value the business, we get a number on it, we figure out a way to give the non-owning spouse a dollar value for that person’s interest in the business, and then there is no further involvement in the non-owning business spouse with regard to the business operation post-divorce at all.

If you have any other concerns about a business, how the business is going to be handled in your divorce, how much your spouse is going to get out of the business, or if there’s going to be any future involvement in the business post-divorce, please call us at Callagy Law. We handle these issues on a routine basis. We’re very experienced matrimonial attorneys, and we can help you through that process.

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