Meeting with Your Divorce Attorney

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What should i bring when meeting with my divorce attorney?


When clients contact us for a divorce case, we normally schedule an initial consultation. At that initial consultation, we ask our clients to bring in, generally, whatever documents may seem relevant, and then they’ll ask, “What does that mean?” At a minimum, we usually request that they bring in their recent pay stubs, any information they have about their spouse’s earnings – if they have access to pay stubs – their last filed tax return, if possible the last three filed tax returns and sometimes, depending on the nature of the divorce case, I’ll ask them to prepare an outline of the issues involved in their case and their concerns. At a minimum, on the finances, we ask for pay stubs and tax returns. During that initial consultation, we will then go through the issues and the facts of their case, and we will normally request them to gather and provide other documents.

If you have any questions regarding the initial stages of a divorce and what documents you need to start the divorce process, give us a call and we can talk about everything you’ll need to be fully prepared for your case.

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