4 Divorce Questions

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4 Divorce Questions1. What Can I Expect From My Divorce Case?

Unfortunately, what people can expect is a lot of heartache, a lot challenge, a lot of issues, and a lot of frustration. There’s a wild myriad of different feelings and emotions that people may have during the process, so one of the first things that’s critically important for you to understand is whether or not you have a lawyer that’s empathetic, caring, and that you feel really safe and secure with on an emotional journey.

Is your lawyer listening? This is a key issue to think about with your lawyer. Are they listening and actually hearing you? Anybody who’s going through something like you’re going through would be feeling frustrated if you’re not being heard. At Callagy Law, we focus on hearing you and helping you feel better. We want to help make you understand the situation more clearly and help you get through this emotional process. That’s the quality and level of communication and empathy you deserve.

So, the first thing you can expect is that you’re going to have a massive roller coaster of emotions as you go through the entire process, but what you should have is an attorney that’s going to help you navigate through that roller coaster.

What you also don’t want is an attorney that’s jacking you up the whole time, getting you excited, getting you upset, getting you frustrated, delivering information in dramatic fashion because that’s also going to keep you operating on a tremendous amount of adrenaline and upset cortisol, which is a hormone released when we feel stressed. That’s going to result in potentially escalated legal fees. It’s going to disrupt the rest of your day, your life, so what you really want to do is as you go through this process, try to compartmentalize your feelings as you go through the day. Give yourself a couple of periods to really just feel your anger, feel your pain, your sadness, express it, yell, scream, do whatever you have to do, hit a heavy bag, go for a run. Do something that’s going to get those emotions out a couple times a day and give yourself that rate so you know you have it to look forward to. It starts your day. Maybe end your day that way because it’s going to be a tremendous journey.

On the other side, get yourself prepared to realize that you’re in an adversarial situation with the person that you’re married to, that you had this relationship with for maybe a short period, maybe an incredibly long period of time, and that’s a very difficult chasm to cross, but a lot of times the person who doesn’t cross that chasm gets hurt badly by the person who does. This is a quick video on emotionally, mentally what you need to be thinking about going into that divorce. Find an attorney you trust, that you feel great about. Give us a call. We’re Callagy Law. If you have any questions, email us, contact us on social media, or give us that call at 201-425-1904.

2. Being Aggressively Reasonable In Your Divorce?

I routinely preach to my clients that we need to be aggressively reasonable. Reasonableness on both sides, a lot of times, gets results and gets cases done. Sometimes, however, the other side is unreasonable, and might I even say a bully. In those cases, we have to ramp up our aggression. At Callagy Law, throughout our firm, we are caring, urgent, and aggressive. Sometimes we have to be reasonably aggressive, but sometimes we really have to be aggressive.

I recently had a case where the first conversation I had with the attorney, they started yelling, and screaming, and telling me how my client has perpetrated domestic violence, how my client has done all these bad things. It was all just lies. Rather than go to my client and say, “Wait a second, start acting reasonable,” I found out the truth. The truth was way more on my client’s side. At that point, you have to send a message loud a clear that we’re not going to get pushed around. We’re not going to exceed to your unreasonable demands. If anything, you’re going to start listening to us.

You know what? We came back with our flame thrower. They listened to us. They heard us loud and clear. Again, you have to have proof. You have to back up what you say. You certainly have to support your allegations and you have to have good position. When we did that, the case turned around. Within a month or so, the case – the other side all of a sudden became reasonable. I told my client, we are now going to be reasonable, aggressively reasonable. The case settled. My client was happy. We did not have to go to trial, although at all points in this case we were ready to go to trial. The other side knew we were going to trial. Sometimes, you need to be aggressive.

When those instances occur, we are here for you. We are certified matrimonial attorneys. You can call us at 201-425-1904. You can schedule an appointment with us, talk to us on the phone. We’d love to help.

3. When You Are Too Far Into The Divorce Process?

Too many times, I get retained by new clients who are too far into the process of divorce than they should be before coming to see me. Sometimes, they retain me shortly after the pleading different filings, and sometimes I’ve been retained literally weeks before trial. Recently, a good friend of mine asked me to represent a family member of his, and the case was over a year old, and it seemed as if my client had not been prepared at all for the process or even told what she should be looking for in her divorce. After we spoke, and after I got the file, I looked at the file, and it was a complete mess. Almost nothing had been done. A couple letters were exchanged, and the parties were really far apart in their settlement positions when they shouldn’t have been.

What I also saw is that my client had a lot of rights that were not being protected. She was due relief probably for about a year. What we did was we immediately filed a motion, and we were successful. The judge granted nearly each and every aspect of our motion, and that in and of itself changed the case. The case went from the defendant being totally unreasonable to taking a very reasonable position, and after that motion was decided, and after I sat down with opposing counsel, the case settled in three weeks. The parties were divorced in three weeks. The agreement was signed in those three weeks. So, it is important that from the get-go, if you are going through a divorce or even contemplating a divorce, that you speak to us.

You need to be advised, and you need to be prepared from pre-complaint all the way through the resolution of your case what to expect and how to aggressively and with a sense of urgency and caring address those issues so that you can be properly represented and reach the goals and achieve the goals that you want. Please, if you’re in this position, whether you’re contemplating or in the middle of a divorce, call us at 201-425-1904. Set up an appointment to discuss your case.

4. Divorce Attorneys For Business Owners?

A lot of times, what we experience in our field is somebody that comes to us that owns a business and is going through a divorce. They’re confused, afraid, and scared. They don’t know what’s going to happen to their business. They don’t know what’s ahead of them.

Quite frankly, they have a right to feel that way because when you own a business, there’s a whole host of complex and different things that can happen that a lot of people aren’t aware of. There are evaluation methods that can result in hugely different numbers for a business. The whole financial framework of your business can come under scrutiny and is going to come under the microscope. How you compensated yourself is going to be challenged every step of the way.

Every expense, every loan, every account receivable is going to be looked at and scrutinized. How you’ve paid yourself, what personal expenses are paid with your business is going to come under scrutiny. The business owner going through a divorce, it is critical to have a skilled, experienced attorney and team to make sure that the business that they built, that they slaved over, they invested their time and their life and their money in is protected in the divorce and that a fair result is achieved, that a fair value is attached to that divorce, and that the outcome is what is fair and reasonable for that person.

At Callagy Law, we’ve gone through this process. Call us, 201-425-1904. We can help you. We can protect that business that you worked your life to build.

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