3 Common Mistakes After a Slip and Fall

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3 Common Mistakes After a Slip and Fall1. Medical Treatment

What are some mistakes that occur after a slip and fall accident in New Jersey? Well, a lot of times the slip and fall is not reported to the person who’s responsible for the premises. You want to report it. Of course, first and foremost, if you’re injured, you want to seek the treatment or call 9-1-1, too.

2. Documentation

The second thing is documentation. If you’re able to, take pictures of the location of the slip and fall. Take pictures of your injuries. If there are witnesses, get their names and contact numbers. If you can, file an incident report or police report, file the incident report. You want to document because memories fade. That is very, very important.

3. Insurance Companies

Another mistake is people get a call, perhaps, from the insurance company on behalf of the defendant. Do not talk to the insurance company or defendant. Do not give information. Contact an attorney first.

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