Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

As a family law attorney, a.k.a. a divorce lawyer, you will not be surprised that I strongly advise hiring a divorce attorney when going through a divorce. However, this advice is not motivated by my own self-interests, but rather a clear understanding of, and experience with, what can happen when people do not hire a divorce attorney. While not every divorce needs attorneys, if your divorce is complicated, such as involving children or business interests, or your soon-to-be former spouse hires an attorney, it is in your best interests to retain counsel to represent you. Following are four more reasons to hire a divorce attorney.

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer

  1. You will be expected to know the law and the Court Rules.

If you are not an attorney, then the chances are you have little to no knowledge of relevant case law, statutes or the rules of court. However, the judicial system will expect you to gain this knowledge if you represent yourself. When representing yourself, you will be expected to understand the applicable court rules, filing procedures, applicable law, etc. While certainly the court system will assist, at some point your lack of understanding of the process, possibly even multiple failures to meet deadlines or file the appropriate documents, will test the judge’s patience and could ultimately hurt your case. It can be overwhelming and anxiety inducing.

A lawyer will guide you through the judicial process and is keenly aware of the procedures, court rules, required filings, relevant law, etc. The best reason why you need a divorce lawyer is that an attorney will relieve you of those stressors and be able to strengthen your case.

  1. You are emotional.

If you are going through a divorce, this is obvious and probably an understatement. A divorce is an extremely emotional life event and the array of emotions that you will experience through the process often times can cloud your judgment. Decisions made out of anger, sadness, guilt, etc., are often times not the right decisions and ultimately have a negative impact on your case. Moreover, if you have a hostile relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, the ability to communicate and negotiate a settlement will be difficult.

In this scenario, the reason why you need a divorce lawyer is impartiality. A lawyer is an objective third-party that can make reasonable decisions not based on emotion. A lawyer can let you know when your emotions are clouding your judgment or when you are being unreasonable. A lawyer will help you compromise and allow you to make reasoned decisions that are in your best interests.

  1. You need options.

how-to-file-for-divorce-in-new-jersey-guide-ctaRepresenting yourself can limit options. By that I simply mean that not being a lawyer, and not having the experience and knowledge of practicing family law on a daily basis, may limit your knowledge of the many ways that your case can settle.

A lawyer can think “outside the box” and can offer a host of viable options and provide you with choices to resolve your divorce that you may not have known on your own. Having the lawyer’s knowledge, experience and expertise on your side will open doors that you may not have otherwise known even existed.

That brings me to the fourth and arguably most important one of the reasons to hire a divorce attorney.

  1. It is more than “winning”.

Often times, clients come to me with the idea that they must “win” their case. Self-represented litigants all too often get trapped into this “must-win” mentality. However, this mentality causes a narrow focus and often times promotes unreasonable aggression and hostility.

A lawyer can focus on the “big picture” and the global solution to your case. You want a good, fair settlement that will stand the test of time and not have you coming back to court for years to come. You want a “big picture” mentality that can see the whole playing filed. That is why you need a divorce lawyer. Winning today may mean losing down the road, or worse: having you fighting with your ex-spouse for years after your divorce.

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