How Does PIP Arbitration Work in NJ?

Callagy Law PIP attorneys are experienced in filing claims for No-Fault Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) benefits on behalf of medical provider and medical facility clients. Common questions that medical providers ask is how can they file a claim for PIP benefits against their patient’s automobile insurance company and…

How Does the No-Fault PIP arbitration Process Work in New Jersey?

When an automobile insurance company either refuses to pay for treatment or unfairly underpays for treatment provided to a patient whose injuries relate to an automobile accident, Callagy Law will file a Demand for Arbitration against the automobile insurance company.  The Demand for Arbitration will be filed online with Forthright, the New Jersey No-Fault PIP claims administrator of all NJ PIP arbitration claims.  New Jersey PIP arbitration claims are governed by Forthright’s New Jersey No-Fault PIP Arbitration Rules, as approved by New Jersey’s Department of Insurance and Banking.  These rules are accessible online on Forthright’s website:   

payer-provider-collaboration-ctaIf the claim for PIP benefits totals $1,000.00 or greater, the arbitration will proceed to an oral hearing where attorneys for the medical provider and automobile insurance company will have an opportunity to present their case before an assigned arbitrator, who is known as a Dispute Resolution Professional (“DRP”).  If the total claim for PIP benefits is less than $1,000.00, there will not be an oral hearing; instead, the case will be designated as an “on-the-papers” file to be decided on the arbitration statements submitted by the medical provider and automobile insurance company.

What Documents and Filing Fees Must Be Filed with the Demand for Arbitration with Forthright?

  • An Assignment of Benefits (“AOB”) signed and dated by the patient
  • Appeals that were sent to the patient’s automobile insurance company with respect to all denials or underpayments of treatment that is the subject of the arbitration claim
  • Treatment records for the services that are the subject of the Demand for Arbitration
  • Filing fee (approximately $225.00 for in-person hearing cases (Demand amount over $1,000) and approximately $200.00 for on-the-papers cases (Demand amount less than $1,000).
    ** Callagy Law does not charge its medical provider clients any fees for the cost of filing Demands for Arbitration

Callagy Law PIP attorneys will prepare an arbitration statement, which clearly sets forth the legal arguments and documentary proofs that support the medical provider’s claim for PIP benefits.    After submission of arbitration statements, Callagy Law PIP attorneys and an attorney for the automobile insurance company will present oral argument to the assigned arbitrator at an oral hearing.  There will be an opportunity for the medical provider to provide live testimony if necessary such as in the event that the issue in dispute is medical necessity of the treatment. The arbitrator will have 45 days after the hearing to issue a written ruling. 

Callagy Law PIP attorneys have handled thousands of PIP arbitration cases and have achieved successful outcomes of recovering PIP benefits for unpaid or underpaid treatment in over 50,000 cases.  Callagy Law does not charge any fees to our medical provider clients for preparing and following to conclusion PIP arbitration matters. There are zero out-of-pocket costs for our medical provider clients.  When we are awarded money for our PIP claims in the Forthright arbitration forum, attorney fees and costs will be paid by the automobile insurance company.

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