What Are the Chances of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What are the odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit? It depends on your goal. Most suits are settled in the pretrial stage. That has many advantages, including getting someone their money faster. The best personal injury lawyer in New Jersey will tell you there are many extremely positive outcomes that depend on your needs and circumstances, as well as your case. Some are winning the case outright. Some involve a favorable settlement the speeds up certain steps of the process.

Settlement vs. Decision

A personal injury lawsuit relies on a few different elements. Was there negligence by someone else? Are your injuries a result of that negligence? Can they pay for your damages – losses both tangible and intangible?

When you ask the odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit, you have to consider that 95% of cases are settled before the trial takes place. That’s many more than people think, and very different from the way that TV portrays trials. Why is this?

Both your personal injury lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer will have a very good idea of the strength of your case. Based on these assessments, it’s often in the interest of both parties to come to a settlement. This means an agreement is made not to pursue a claim against the defendant in exchange for financial compensation. What are the advantages here for each party?

Advantages of a Settlement for the Plaintiff

In a personal injury case, the injured person who’s pursuing the lawsuit is called the plaintiff. Your immediate reaction may be to think that a settlement favors the defendant. After all, they’ve made a judgment about whether they can win or not, and are negating their risk of losing even more money.

Yet there are extensive advantages here for many plaintiffs, so your odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit are good. A trial can take a long time. Delays can occur. A defendant may know they’ll lose, but may draw the trial out in various ways in an attempt to get you to the settlement table.

A settlement means that you can get paid now. You don’t have to wait for a decision. You can decide on a lump sum or payments in installments. This is often favorable if you have bills racking up and the financial impact of your injury is creating stress for you and your family. It also means you don’t have to go through the stress of a trial, which takes one more overwhelming element off your plate.

The best personal injury lawyer in New Jersey will have made many, many settlements. The key is to get the most favorable terms that are possible. Often, a settlement will approach the total financial compensation being sought. Often, it will be somewhere in the middle.

Keep in mind that New Jersey is a shared fault state, so a trial may reduce the compensation you’re seeking if you’re found to be partially at fault for the injury. If this risk is present, a settlement can help avoid it.

Advantages of a Settlement for the Defendant

Money is not always as important for a defendant as other factors. They’ll fight against your personal injury case until those other factors threaten to put even more money at risk for them. For instance, if the case risks negative public relations, the odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit are usually in your favor. It’s often better for the defendant to give you a favorable settlement to avoid a messy trial.

One of the most important elements of a settlement is that you won’t pursue your claim further. This means that in exchange for financial compensation both parties agree to, you will give up your right to continue pursuing your lawsuit against them. It’s often simpler, more affordable, or saves more time for them to simply come to a settlement.

If it sounds like their perspective is dispassionate, that’s because it often is. Your decision rests in what is best for you, your family, and your quality of life. Often, you may have to balance money that will help you against further pursuing a person or entity whose negligence hurt you. That’s never an easy decision to make. That’s why you have a personal injury attorney who can make realistic assessments that help you make these decisions in ways that protect you.

What if the Lawsuit Goes to Trial?

Sometimes a defendant won’t offer a settlement, settlement talks will break down, or one side or the other will decide to take their chances in court. With this last choice, they may be seeking a decision, or to make their side of the settlement more favorable.

It’s important to know that most cases that do go to trial end up losing. This isn’t because most personal injury cases aren’t successful. It’s because most of the ones that are successful end up seeing settlements before they go to trial. So, your odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit at trial are lower.

Think about that overwhelming number: 95% of cases are settled pretrial. That means that most cases are seen as too big of a risk for the defendant to go to trial, and so are settled at a level of compensation that the injured party is willing to agree to.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim? | FREE Online Case Evaluation | Callagy Law of New JerseyIf you consider winning to be receiving financial compensation that you’re comfortable agreeing to, then the vast majority of personal injury cases are successful. Remember that settlements get you that compensation faster and help avoid the stress and potential extra cost of a trial.

It’s sometimes difficult to understand with the amount of legal shows there are that lean on the drama of last minute decisions, but settlements drastically increase both the chance and speed that you’ll get the financial compensation you need to feel safe, secure, and move forward with your life again.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer immediately if you suffer an injury. They will handle more than the case for you. They’ll fight to secure the best medical treatment, talk to insurance companies, determine negligence, meet filing deadlines for your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and ensure that you’re in the strongest position to secure the financial compensation you’re due.

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