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Approximately  90% of start-up companies fail.   With such a high failure rate, it is no surprise that the relatively few businesses that succeed tend to thrive—at least for awhile.  So, is there a secret to success?  Success is probably simpler than the statistics might suggest, but, as with anything, an entrepreneur must pay attention to what works and what does not.  There are about twenty-eight million small businesses in the United States.  Most will not succeed much longer, but a small percentage will thrive and continue to thrive.


One trait of a successful business—and it might seem obvious–is to create a product that fits the current market.  The most common reason new companies fail is that they make a product no one actually wants.  The owner/businessman might think he or she is offering a desirable product or service, but in reality it is a product or service he thought the public wanted.  In other words, it was a product or service he or she wanted and then they assumed the rest of the buying public thought the same way.


It is also important for the owner to work on the business, rather than in the business. Successful entrepreneurs understand that doing everything themselves might be necessary at the very beginning of a start-up, but business growth comes with proper staffing. An entrepreneur/owner acts as the captain of the ship and steers it in the right direction.  If the business owner works too much in the business, he or she will not be working on the business, that is, they will fail to ready the business for future success.


With a team of determined personnel, with a leader setting the direction and steering the company toward the goals set, a new business has a much greater of chance success. Versatility among the personnel is also important, because versatility involves mindset. Startup teams that are ready to change products, adjust plans, market differently, study other industries, or even start from scratch, are the ones that will make it.

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