What To Do Prior To Hiring A Lawyer


Hiring a lawyer is never an easy or pleasant task.  It usually means there is something occurring in your life that has taken you outside of your normal routine and interests.  It is likely to cost you money and time you might not have expected.  At a minimum, it means you are entering an arena in which you will have little understanding and will be dependent on the expertise of someone else. For these reasons, choosing the right one to fit your needs is critical. With some due diligence, the process can be simple and straightforward. Without some research, however, the wrong choice could be made with consequences ranging from bad to dire.


Seeking the right attorney must include an investigation and understanding of attorneys’ levels of expertise in the matter presented. Some attorneys are specialized in one or two fields of law,  and therefore would not be very helpful in other areas. It is important to hire an attorney familiar with the ins and outs of the area of law implicated by your situation or circumstances.  The internet makes these types of investigations simpler and easier these days, but you should not simply rely on web sites and on-line ratings.  They are a good starting point, but only a starting point.


Referrals are a good second step in your research process.  Referrals not only can confirm or disavow what is claimed on-line, but can help with the other elements of the attorney-client relationship beyond expertise in the field.  Characteristics like trustworthiness, dedication, responsiveness can often only be measured by those who have experienced the intimacy of working closely with legal counsel on a problem.


Next, whatever happens regarding the two steps mentioned above, it is always helpful to receive a second opinion.  Choosing the first attorney you meet would be like buying the first car you saw in the lot, or the first suit or dress you came across on the rack. To be fully informed about the options, a would-be client must shop around, and obtain a sense of not only the attorneys’ credentials, qualifications and expertise, but also their demeanor, sensitivity and personalities.  These all bear on the quality and success of your experience with the legal system.


Finally, and for some the most important consideration, is how much it is going to cost. Sometimes, addressing a problem with the law can be very expensive.  When we have a health problem, we can feel relieved that we have health insurance to cover the brunt of the expenses.  We have no such safeguard with legal problems.  Attorneys are not cheap, and legal issues very often are not easily resolved.   A would-be client must carefully balance the need for competent and qualified legal counsel with ability and willingness to pay.


After all is said and done, and you hired someone you believe is qualified and has the temperament that suits your needs as you see them, and it is at a price you find reasonable and understandable, as well as affordable, it is important to remember that the attorney works for the client, not vice versa.  A lawyer will advise the client, but the client makes the decisions. You are the decision-maker, even though the attorney is the one with the expertise.  And that says it all in terms of how important it is to find the right attorney—you need to trust and believe in their advice.


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