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“A personal and professional perspective from an employee of Callagy Law” – Mark H. Winters, Jr., paralegal

The purpose of this post is to help assist those with questions they have concerning their business or medical practice. The Callagy Law team is knowledgeable in many law practice areas and will frequently post topics ranging from Medical Revenue Recovery, PIP, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Insurance. We hope to have this blog shed a light on many common questions.


Personally, the field of PIP represents a step in my career that allows me to take part in something important, something helpful, and something that can help work within a broken system for the greater good.  Professionally, working in PIP at Callagy Law has exposed me to some of the brightest attorneys, who quite frankly I feel have revolutionized arbitration on a number of pertinent issues, all without cost to the clients.


In explanation of my enthusiasm in PIP, it is relevant that the first eight (8) years of my legal career I was involved largely in consumer collections litigation, a particularly dreary aspect of law.  Spending so much time in that field, it begins to cloud your overall perspective on the very nature of law, people, and even yourself.  Luckily, in June 2014, I took the opportunity to work in the PIP department at Callagy Law.


Now, at first, I was not even clear on what working in PIP would mean, or if anything could improve my jaded outlook of the law. However, integrating myself into the world of PIP was almost therapeutic. This was an opportunity to do something good, for the first time in my career representing the “good guys,” and it was exiting to find that the remainder of Callagy Law was likewise enthused.  For, after all, who does it feel better to help than those who dedicate their lives to helping others?


Notably, in PIP we get to represent a huge variety of doctors and institutions, each of whom are essential for an immeasurable amount of car accident victims.  Throughout the days and weeks, we handle cases involving everything from initial Hospital Emergency Room visits, to the initial stages of treatment (ie. chiropractic, physical therapy), then moving along to more advanced and complicated treatment providers, including specialized dental practitioners, pain management physicians.  Whether it is underpayment of services, or an outright denial of necessary treatment, we argue on behalf of the treating doctors, who typically provide the patient with the necessary care even at the risk of insurance denials.  It is here that my job comes in, helping those doctors get payment for the services they rendered to their patients in good faith.


In fact, one thing I did not know before starting in PIP, and what actually may make Callagy Law unique among PIP practitioners, is that we even represents pharmacies who issue prescribed medications that insurance companies nevertheless fail to pay for.  I have even seen reimbursements awarded to psychologists and counselors whose post-traumatic stress therapies are denied prematurely.  So, yes, I found that even such apparently ancillary providers such as pharmacies, dentists, and psychologists can benefit from an attorney’s PIP services.


In short, while I was feeling quite negative about the field and practice of law before starting in PIP, working for the benefit of the medical field to encourage fair payment, and in recovering the amounts unjustly denied, means something to me, to this firm, and, I like to think, our clients as well.


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