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As a senior liaison for Callagy Law, I am responsible for interfacing with medical providers to assist them with identifying and pursuing claims against insurance carriers in the areas of PIP (personal Injury protection / No Fault), Workers Compensation (WC) and Commercial Insurance (CI).  In this capacity, I was first introduced to the concept of emotional rapport in the training and counseling provided by Sean Callagy, the owner and founder of Callagy Law.

Emotional rapport has two components. Rapport means to develop a close and harmonious relationship, while emotional rapport adds the second element of developing that relationship with an emotional connection. I have found that emotional rapport is the basis for developing a strong and trusted business relationship.  It helps make a business relationship personal.

For some people this comes naturally. That is the case with me, but I was not aware of that fact until Sean pointed it out to me.  For me, emotional rapport is the foundation upon which a complete relationship is built.

When meeting someone for the first time it is common to say “Hello. How are you?”   The typical response is “Fine.  How are you?”   Both are very superficial, in no way even beginning to establish a rapport, never mind an emotional one.   In contrast, I like to respond with something out of the ordinary, such as, “I am great.  I just had a delicious lunch down the street.”  Before you know it, you are talking about food, likes and dislikes, the neighborhood eateries, diets, and so forth.  I prefer to respond to that usual question with something  that tells the other person I am looking to connect at a deeper level  than the surface level. This is so important because it not only assists in making conversation but it lets the other person know you care and are interested in them past the exterior.

Eventually, as you seek and acquire more information, you will be demonstrating   that you desire a deeper and more meaningful relationship, which will help you move forward with a business relationship if that is what you are seeking.  This more comprehensive knowledge will also allow me to customize our recovery and other legal services for that particular client.

I love it when I can help a medical provider seeking recovery services, and when I do so through a detailed understanding of their problem, interests, character and preferences, an outcome only possible through emotional rapport.  It also enables clients to get to know me and all my quirks and shortcomings.   We are all human and ride the rollercoaster of life, so why not connect on an emotional level.  Give it a try.   You can also click here to see what makes us different!

Should you need more information regarding developing emotional rapport, check out the series of YouTube videos featuring Sean Callagy.  It really works.

We hope you found the information provided in this article helpful to various questions you may have had concerning the healthcare industry. For information pertaining to our services for medical providers, please click here. Please note, Callagy Law has recovered over $175,000,000 for medical providers, and that number grows daily. Please free to reach out to Sean Callagy of Callagy Law at any time for questions you may have concerning personal and business matters. Callagy Law offices are located conveniently in Paramus, NJ. Beyond the scope of information, Sean Callagy has developed multiple areas of our healthcare legal practice and business coaching. Feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn! Additionally you can subscribe to our daily videos on YouTube.

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