The Challenges of Balancing Being a Callagy Law Liaison and Volunteer Firefighter

The position of client liaison at Callagy Law, for the most, involves being in the field a great deal, and not necessarily planted in one location day after day.  Also, technology has enabled greater flexibility in geographic location.  For example, laptops and Smartphones allow employees to perform their job functions from home or other locations remote from the office.  The confluence of these two circumstances has provided liaisons, like myself, with greater flexibility in how we do our jobs.   Personally, it has afforded me the opportunity to work from home, which has enabled me to respond to fire calls and help with community events during the day, an opportunity most full time workers do not have.  I have even been able to attend certain educational events, such as school presentations during Fire Prevention week.  Callagy Law has been terrific in allowing me such flexibility.

Some of the problems with trying to be both a client liaison and a volunteer firefighter surface most often at night.  In the evening, I try to answer my emails, which is the time not only for drills, meetings and other firefighter responsibilities, but also a time when calls often occur.

I spend about 15 hours per week volunteering, and the job of a liaison is not a Monday to Friday, 9-5 position, if it is to be done effectively.  There are many nights, after a drill, when most members of the department are headed home to relax or go to bed, I am headed home to keep working .