How To Avoid Multi-Million Dollar Litigation, Part 2: Choosing the Right Commercial Litigation and Transactional Law Firm

How To Avoid Multi-Million Dollar Litigation, Part 2

Five Part Series by Sean Callagy of Callagy Law, your law firm in Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Part 2:

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Disaster Error in Contract 1 – My Partner(s), Shareholder(s) or Member(s) Transactional Law NEEDED

You have a friend. You have chemistry together, energy together and you just like doing things together.

OR, maybe it’s as simple as you both have an idea or synergy that can make you a lot of money.

No one, and I mean no one, wants to interrupt that flow with the uncomfortable details of mapping out a clear and specific agreement that will help to avoid massive problems, and, in fact, even encourage problems down the line.

I, Sean Callagy, have personally seen and litigated, cases where partners were best friends for years and then ended up physically fighting, accusing one another of criminal wrong doing, one attempting to steal millions of dollars from the other, defaming and slandering one another and or hating one another more than one could imagine.

As an example, check out this story where I, Sean Callagy along with Callagy Law are defending this partnership gone bad:

Another incredible case involves that building and eventual sale of a company for hundreds of millions of dollars between two friends who were partners in everything, including numerous businesses and property, all on a hand shake.

When it came time to sell one business they had together, which struggled for years, and required partner A to put in millions of dollars that Partner B did not have, Partner B took the position that Partner A was only loaning Partner B the money and looked to only repay him “the loan” and keep the hundreds of millions.

This also has happened over and over in commercial litigation and transactional law cases I’ve seen and handled where people have businesses generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Sometimes that is far worse to deal with because there is not enough money to afford litigation for one, some or all of the owners of that business.

The cold, hard, unpleasant reality is that the law, in many ways, favors the dishonest party, particularly where that party has more money than the honest party.

This issue, however, can be dealt with in some very simple ways.

The challenge is most contracts I have seen never deal with these issues.

The consequence: How would you like spending the next two to ten years of your life, spending insane amounts of money fighting for what is rightfully yours?

Tomorrow, Callagy Law will share with you how to give yourself some very simple ways to dramatically limit the possibility of spending unwanted years in commercial litigation and how to keep your company functioning optimally with the transactional law options that are needed.

How can you have an incredible day today?

In your service,
Sean Callagy

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