How To Avoid Multi-Million Dollar Litigation, Part 1: Choosing the Right Commercial Litigation and Transactional Attorney

How To Avoid Multi-Million Dollar Litigation, Part 1

Five Part Series by Sean Callagy of Callagy Law, your law firm in Paramus, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Part 1:

If you do not read all of it, and pass it along, you are doing yourself and your business a huge disservice. Whether you agree or disagree, contact me at or on social media as described below.

Who wants to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars litigating commercial litigation cases?

Believe it or not, far more people than you think!

That’s why you need to wake up and protect your business and yourself. I say that with all due love and respect!!

My name is Sean Callagy. I am the founder and managing partner of Callagy Law, a NJ commercial litigation and transactional law firm that, among other areas, specializes in commercial litigation and commercial transactions.

We have seen, at Callagy Law, some of the craziest and most bizarre people and situations you could ever imagine.

The Callagy Law mission is to help educate you, protect you, build your business and, even, entertain you a bit along the way.

At Callagy Law, we truly focus on educating our clients and a deeper level. I want our firm name, and my name, Sean Callagy, to be not only synonymous with legal excellence, but educational excellence on legal matters, business development matters and how to avoid issues you don’t want in your life or your business.

We at Callagy Law find that reality is often something people want to ignore to make themselves feel more comfortable and secure. My Uncle Jimmy, a brilliant retina surgeon, with a masters in math and computer science, taught me that “based on a false assumption, you can prove anything true.”

And nephew, he would say, “people are masters of making false assumptions.”

So, you may ask, Sean Callagy, what does that have to do with me, and commercial litigation, commercial transactional law and my business?

Well, a ton. Well meaning people, just like you, procrastinate, avoid the truth, and spend time and energy creating things that can be easily destroyed, or least damaged in enormous ways.

Take a great new start up business. Aside from the need for sales, marketing, operations, finance, management and the other business issues’ needing to go right, what is enormously at play is the threat of a massive law suit.

There are four types of key contracts in regards to commercial litigation and transactional law.

We will examine each; give you quick tips on critical ways to avoid problems in each, and disastrous and real examples of not following this simple advice.

Tune in tomorrow for each different type of contract and a crazy story of how a friend can beat you for a hundred million or more.

Take massive action on your greatest goal today!

In your service,
Sean Callagy

If you, a friend, or family member has a legal question or concern, please contact me now at 201-261-1700. You can also contact Sean Callagy or Callagy Law on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or by Email.

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