Welcome! By the way, what you think you know, but don’t is costing you millions!

Welcome! By the way, what you think you know, but don’t is costing you millions!

Attention Business Owners – meet Sean Callagy

Dear business owner, entrepreneur and current or potential friend, If you own or are starting a business. This is for you.

The written and video advice, stories, information, insights and systems you will be given here will be of great value.

My name is Sean Callagy.

This is blog post one for our Callagy Law and Sean Callagy Business Legal Optimization page.

I have been practicing law for 17 plus years. I have seen a lot of interesting, and WILD things.

The greatest challenge, from a legal perspective, facing business owners and entrepreneurs is a lack of understanding.

In fact, my favorite new title for a lot of what I’m sharing with business folks is: “What You Think You Know, BUT DON’T, IS COSTING YOU MILLIONS”.

Law School and Sean Callagy

When I was in law school, I used to think a lot of what the professors shared was preposterous and improbable.

They would come up with insane hypothetical scenarios that appeared unworkable. The situations seemed exclusively manufactured to demonstrate excessive points, and certainly did not seem rational.

Well, in 17 years, 15 plus of which I’ve been running my own law practice, I’ve seen things that would blow you away and make the law professors hypos seem subdued.

The key point to understand, though, is that these intense circumstances happen right out of exceptionally customary and fundamental business situations to people just like you and me.

Sean Callagy Experienced, Aggressive and Integrity Driven

Would you ever think that based on an investment through lawyers that your long time close friend and neighbor would end up in a Texas border town, negotiating with a man who had been shot and kidnapped in Mexico, over millions of dollars your lawyer defrauded you into investing in a Greek plane crash law suit that was dismissed before you invested?

How about the simple idea of your lawyer going to federal prison for hiding a kickback scheme he was involved in while getting paid money to put you in deals you thought he was performing due diligence on for you?

How about your partner of 17 years, with whom you spent holidays and family vacations beating and choking you, and then throwing you out of your own company that you started and financed?

How about a simple office policy that you created now being used by a member of your team to threaten you with the complete destruction of the amazing series of successful businesses that you’ve built?

As of that wasn’t enough. Enter, Scott Rothstein, Esq.

How would you like to meet a man who is touted as the next attorney general, if the election goes right, of his state, owns a two hundred and sixty plus person law firm, only to find out that the millions he is asking for you to lend his client is part of a billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Oh yeah, that guy’s doing 45 years in federal prison.

Check out the MSNBC American Greed episode on him.

Yes, I was face to face with him for four hours in his Villain like private headquarters and den with the personal elevator. Yes, I was also recorded on his undisclosed tape system and reported all of it to the FBI before the Ponzi scheme took center stage and he fled to Morocco only to secretively come back.

All of those circumstances and hundreds more, are experiences I’ve had with real and good people just like you.

Sean Callagy: “The common theme: business owners think they know better.”

The other common theme: most of these challenges could have been avoided, or greatly minimized with better legal protection from the beginning.

BUT, you know that you’re smart, successful and got to where you are because of that, right?

Well, yes you did.

You deserve to be proud and to be acknowledged and respected.

However, if you don’t have the most favorable legal guidance and security, the risks in our ever increasingly competitive, dishonest and litigious world creates potential problems, some catastrophic, that are very real.

I am an entrepreneur myself. I’ve built numerous victorious businesses including my current 100 team plus law firm- Callagy Law in Paramus, NJ.

I enthusiastically agree that it is way more pleasurable and stimulating to grow your business than to guard your business.

Callagy Law Business Mastery Symposium – Session 2 February 12th!

In fact, we have a Callagy Law Business Mastery Symposium that we provide for free, monthly, just to focus on business growth. Our next session is scheduled for February 12, 2014, at our offices in Paramus, doors open at 4:40pm. Please come as my guest and click here or call 201.261.1700 ext 181 to RSVP if you desire to develop your business.

At the same time, protecting what you’ve built and using the law as an ethical and integrity filled tool to safely grow your business and get more of what you want is so often overlooked and misunderstood that it’s scary.

Even if you have an attorney, it doesn’t mean that he or she is the correct person for the job. In addition, if he or she is the correct one, it doesn’t indicate that you are making the most of the relationship optimally.

That is what we will be focusing on together here and in our videos.

For now, welcome and please spread the word. Join our Linked In group for our firm and for our Business Owners group.

We want to be an incredible free supply for you, your business, your clients, your family and friends.

Our mission at Callagy Law, and my mission individually is to be your trusted advisor for life.

Have a great day!

Sean Callagy

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