Sean Callagy and Callagy Law for ALL Your Individual Law Needs

Sean Callagy and Callagy Law for ALL Your Individual Law Needs

Dear current or potential future friend, Do you like lawyers in general?

If you are like most people, you don’t.

Generally, I don’t either. However, I do like some.

I can, however, totally and completely understand how people would be frustrated with lawyers and the legal system.

My name is Sean Callagy.

This is letter one for our Callagy Law and Sean Callagy Legal Truth page.

Sean Callagy – A 17 Year Veteran in the Legal World

I have been practicing law for 17 plus years. I have seen a lot of interesting, and CRAZY things representing business owners, doctors and other healthcare professionals and other individuals.

Crazy? Yes crazy.

I believe people are basically good. I do believe that people do very bad things to one another and, frequently, feel justified in blatantly lying about it.

In a divorce deposition I, watched a man blatantly lie for two hours about virtually every fact related to his marriage only to watch him crumble and settle thirty minutes later when I pulled out the tape his wife had of him admitting to just the opposite of everything he said under oath.

I’ve seen family members fight over cremating a loved one to save two thousand dollars on a funeral.

I’ve seen lawyers defraud their client out of all of their settlement proceeds to invest in a scam.

I’ve been in a room with a lawyer hiding a billion dollar Ponzi scheme who threatened my legal career if his client didn’t invest in what he was proposing.

More simply, I’ve heard clients continuously complain about their lawyers not caring about them or their legal needs.

Sean Callagy A Different Kind of an Attorney

Frankly, a lot of the reputation the legal profession has is deserved.

I want to change that.

I believe how you treat clients is one way. I also believe education about the system is another way.

For example, how are judges evaluated?

If you understand this, you will immediately have a much better understanding about how the system works.

In fact, my favorite new title for a lot of what I’m sharing in our practice is: “What You Think You Know, BUT DON’T, IS COSTING YOU MILLIONS.”

While the number may not apply to every individual with a legal problem, there is certainly a cost to what every individual thinks they know but doesn’t.

Sean Callagy on Law School

When I was in law school, I used to think a lot of what the professors shared was ridiculous and unrealistic.

They would come up with crazy hypotheticals that seemed impossible. The scenarios seemed solely contrived to illustrate extreme points, and certainly did not seem realistic.

Well, in 17 years, 15 plus of which I’ve been running my own practice, I’ve seen things that would blow your mind and make the law professors hypos appear tame.

The key point to understand, though, is that these extreme situations happen right out of very normal and basic situations to people just like you.

Sean Callagy: Helping Individuals with Their Legal issues for Over 17 Years

Our firm, and the information we are providing, is here to help you.

How does the system work?

How do I choose an attorney?

Should I change attorneys?

How specifically does the law work in family law, wills and trusts, personal injury, investing, and real estate?

Simply, what should I do?!

Even if you have an attorney, it doesn’t mean that he or she is the right one. Moreover, if he or she is the right one, it doesn’t mean that you are utilizing the relationship optimally.

Sean Callagy On Social Media

That is what we will be focusing on together here and in our videos.

For now, welcome and please spread the word. Join our LinkedIn group and Facebook page for our firm.

We want to be a tremendous free resource for you, your family and friends through our words and videos.

Our mission at Callagy Law, and my mission individually is to be your trusted advisor for life.

Have a great day!

Sean Callagy

If you or anyone you know has any legal question, please call me at 201.261.1700 or email us at . We are happy to help.

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