Rating Your Self-Awareness from 1 to 10

Rating Your Self-Awareness from 1 to 10

Happy Wednesday!

If you are like most people, you typically are not absolutely thrilled to wake up; jump out of bed and jump start your day.

Also, most people, at the end of their day, tend to rate its quality, if asked, based mostly on, well, happenstance.

The idea though is to have more control, through our mind and our actions, over the quality of our day.

People tend to dramatically under estimate their own ability to control the quality of their day and their lives.

Remember, when we talk about quality, we are not equating that to money. We are talking about all of the areas of our lives.

In a capitalist system, money can certainly help, but there are many people who lead, overall much richer lives and have virtually nothing financially than many multi-millionaires or even billionaires.

Well, we are in the Self-Awareness section of our Success System.

So, how would you rate your average daily happiness and excitement level on a scale of 1 to 10?

Your answer is:  __________

Now, where would you like your daily happiness level to be?

Your answer is: __________

Why does this matter?

We’ve introduced the concept that our Success System has three parts, with the third part being your Process and Plan.

Well, how we feel, impacts how we stick to our Process and Plan.

How we feel impacts the first section of the Success System, which is our Self Management, which directly drives our Zone Action.

It goes like this:

Our Process and Plan, learned through modeling, needs to be built around Zone Action, which are the most efficient action steps to produce our result in the shortest period of time.

The hardest challenge we have is not learning what to do, it is in Self-Management, which is getting ourselves to do it.

To Self-Manage, we must be Self Aware, meaning knowing why we do and don’t do things, and the quality with which we do it.

All of this is built on the fundamental premise that people do things in the moment, based upon emotion.

So, if we are Self Aware enough to understand how to Self Manage ourselves emotionally, we will stick to our Plan and take Zone Action much more consistently.

That’s the whole deal.

Now, within that Success System, lie a whole bunch of details to learn about how to Self Manage.

It all begins with knowing where we are now and where we want to be.

So, just in bite size pieces, today, we just need to start with where is your average day and where do you want your average day to be.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the areas of your life and setting specific visions and goals for those areas so you feel the levels of fulfillment, excitement, passion, integrity, fun and happiness you want and deserve.

Zone action has two parts: the Quantity and Quality of our actions.

If we are feeling energized, focused, driven and basically PULLED forward, then the quantity and quality of our actions are going to be very different than if we are the opposite.

The opposite if we are “pushing” our self forward.

So, how do we change this?

This is what Self-Manage and Self-Awareness are all about.

To Self-Manage our self at the optimal level, we need to understand what we need to be Self Aware about.

The elements to Optimizing our Self Management are:

1. Journaling

2. Beliefs

3. Physiology

4. Physical Training

5. Positive In Flow

6. Word Choice

7. Quality of Relationships

8. Eating

9. Focus

10. Peak Performance Formula

11. Spirituality and

12. Connecting to our Powerful WHY.

We need to be Self Aware of these 12 sub-parts to our Self Management.

Said differently, if we are not taking the Zone Action steps in our Process part of the Success System, we can easily diagnose it, and fix it, by finding the reason under one of the 12 categories above.

We will cover each of these areas so you know how to be Self Aware and Master these areas.

So, you want to jump start your Monday and your week?

Let’s just look at one small part of Self Management:  Your Beliefs.

What do you believe about Mondays?

Answer:  ________________

If you are like most of America, it is not too good.

In fact, many people literally dread Mondays.

BUT, why?

Where do our Beliefs come from?

Were you born disliking Mondays?

Of course not.

You learned to dislike Mondays from what you heard and from what you saw or experienced.

The question though, is how is that Belief serving you?

What I mean is, if your Beliefs about Mondays is not helping make your life better, you can literally change your Belief in less than five minutes.

Sean Callagy

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