Why You Need a Child Custody Attorney

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Why do I need an attorney for a child custody matter?


In New Jersey, child custody matters are complex. Complex cases require an attorney. It is virtually impossible for a person to represent themselves through the court system in a true custody case. If we’re talking about just negotiating a couple of days of parenting time here or there, people represent themselves all the time; but if it’s a true custody case, and there’s the welfare of the child at stake, there are going to be experts involved. They could be court-appointed experts or they could be experts who you individually retain. Our courts are guided by a statute that has a lot of factors, which deal with custody and parenting time, and those factors are very case-specific and they need to be addressed – the provable facts, along with our experts to those factors – and then presented to a court. Why You Need a Child Custody Attorney
If you’re going to have a true custody case, you definitely want to be represented by an experienced attorney who has tried and dealt with custody cases.

Here at Callagy Law, all four of our attorneys have dealt with custody cases and tried custody cases for decades, and this is what we do. We deal with people’s needs, their desires regarding their custody and parenting time of their children, and we know the statute. We know how to resolve cases. First, we always try to resolve cases amicably, and, if we can’t, we know how to get these cases resolved through the court system.

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