Determining Child Support Payments

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What does the court consider when determining child support?


When I have a consultation with a client and there are children involved, a lot of times or every time the question will come up about child support – “How much child support am I going to have to pay?” or “How much child support am I going to receive,” – and how a court is going to calculate that. In the state of New Jersey, we have the child support guidelines. The child support guidelines provide a mathematical formula that we put into a computer and it tells us how much child support should be paid from one parent to the other. It involves incomes of the parties. It involves the amount of overnight parenting time that one party has. It involves who pays the medical insurance for the children. It involves any special expenses for the children that we need to consider. We take all of these factors into consideration, we put them into the computer, and then the computer says this is how much one parent should pay the other parent for child support in this case.Determining Child Support Payments

The child support guidelines only go up to a certain amount of combined gross income. Once the parties make more than that child support guideline calculation can go up to, then we have to start considering other factors. A court is then required to use the child support guidelines as a base, and then add more to it based upon things like the party’s lifestyle or the child’s lifestyle. Do they go to private school? Do they live in a very luxurious county in the state of New Jersey, where they’re providing the children with expensive clothes, cars, and things that are well beyond what we consider in the child support guidelines? Of course, then we’re going to have to consider all those things and supplement the child support guidelines in order to say you’re going to pay this child support amount under the guidelines, plus this additional amount because of the way you guys live and because of how much money you earn. It becomes a very fact-specific analysis, after we get to that child support guideline, when there is a significant amount of money involved.

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