What Are The Types of Child Custody?

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What are the types of child custody?


What Are The Types of Child Custody?One of the most emotionally charged aspects of separating from your partner or from your spouse concerns your children. Unfortunately, children are often caught in the middle of a contentious battle between parents, parents who may be separating, parents who may be going through a divorce, parents who may have already separated, and here our attorneys, our family law attorneys, are relentless in working to mitigate any of those negative impacts of that separation or divorce on your children. We will advise you of your rights, we will guide you through your case, and we will help you meet whatever your ultimate goals are regarding your kids.

Just as an overview, I’m going to talk a little bit about the different types of custody in the state of New York. There’s legal custody, which can be joint or which can be sole. Joint legal custody means that parents have to consult with one another on all major decisions, excuse me, involving the children, which those decisions include children’s health, children’s religions, the children’s education, and the courts in New York typically favor a joint legal custody arrangement unless there are circumstances that warrant excluding one parent from decision-making on behalf of the child. Under those circumstances, that would be considered sol legal custody, and sole legal custody essentially gives one parent the sole decision-making authority to – regarding all decisions about the child, and the sole legal custodian or parent has no obligation to seek input on behalf of the child from the other parent. Usually, sole legal custody is awarded under pretty extreme circumstances where the two parents are very clearly unable to work at all together to co-parent their child, or there’s a situation where one parent has indicated a record of extremely poor decisions making, has struggled with drugs and alcohol, has been incarcerated, has mental impairments that make it somehow dangerous for this individual to make decisions on behalf of the child.

The next type of custody aside from legal custody is physical custody, and there is – that can either be joint or that can be sole again. Joint physical custody in New York, also referred to as shared physical custody, means that the parents usually split the custody of the child where the child is living just about equally, around 50/50. The other side of the coin is the sole physical custody, which means that one parents has the child living with them most of the time, and the other parent has time with the child pursuant to a visitation schedule. Here at Callagy Law, we are family law attorneys who will aid you through your New York custody issues. We will ensure to answer all of your questions. We will approach your case with the correct balance of skill, knowledge, compassion, and aggression where necessary so that your goals and needs can be met. Call us. Make an appointment today. We will be your champions.

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