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You Need A Protector, A Guardian, A Champion.

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If you’re reading this, it is likely you were injured by an accident caused by a hit and run driver and you are wondering what will happen next, who will compensate you for pain suffering.

Maybe you’re here because you are worried about medical bills, perhaps you are wondering whether you can file a lawsuit or have a legal case.

While there are no guarantees, here is the best overview of what you need to win your lawsuit:

  • Attorneys that are Caring, Urgent and Aggressive.
  • Attorneys that will challenge, attack, expose, and use the lies of your adversaries and their attorneys to destroy their credibility, will and ultimately their lying and fraudulent case or position.
  • The Influence Mastery skills to take your truth and understand how to, and actually convey it to the court, the opposing lawyers, their clients and ultimately, if necessary, the jury.

You Need A Protector, A Guardian, A Champion.

You need someone on your side advocating for your best interests. Callagy Law and Sean Callagy are one of only two law firms and lawyers in America, and the only law firm in New Jersey, to have two Top 100 National Jury Verdicts between 2014 and 2016.

We can’t ethically say we’re the best, but give us a chance and we’ll prove it to you.

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